5 of the Greatest International Shopping Sites (Because They Ship for Free!)

Ah, the itch to click “Add to Basket” can be so overpowering that I sometimes find myself spending money I didn’t have in the first place. (Note: I’m not advocating irresponsible spending!) All for the sake of convenience, really. Click, click, click, enter credit card number, sit back and wait for the postman to deliver your package right to your doorstep.

There are thousands of sites to purchase anything to everything from, but we’re not here to talk about that, are we? No, we’re here to talk about the mythical shopping sites you can get the chicest street fashion from without paying a single cent for shipping.

While they’re not particularly great if you’re impatient or need an item urgently, these sites offer the greatest shopping options for those on a budget or, if you’re like me, those with priorities elsewhere. Because they’re not only affordable, they offer free shipping right here to Singapore. (Insert “Gasp!” here.)



This site doesn’t require an introduction. A word of caution for those of you not entirely acquainted with ASOS: There is an extremely high possibility that you will leave the website with significantly less money.

I’d like to think of ASOS as the mother of all street fashion sites. Yes, she owns this list (and you, by the time she’s done with you). There is everything you need for your wardrobe — from thick winter coats and party dresses to tiny weeny bikinis and lingerie.

Don’t be disheartened, guys. This site is your dream come true too.

But what’s best about ASOS on top of its almost overwhelming variety isn’t its free international shipping. There is always a sale for its very own house brand or brands it carries, and there’s even an outlet section advertising up to 70% regular prices!

Shipping information: Ships to Singapore for free for orders over S$40. For orders under, be prepared to fork out an additional S$7.50.

2. Tobi


Sorry guys, there’s nothing here for you. In fact, I think you can leave this post right now.

Tobi might not have as much on its rack than ASOS does, but its pieces are unique to Tobi, and Tobi only. Harnessing an army of designers, it comes as no surprise that the styles are pretty varied for a brand of one.

And the shoes! You’ve got to check out those lusciously crafted pairs of sandals and heels while you’re there.

If you were born without a sense of knowing what is or isn’t aesthetically pleasing, you would be glad to know that Tobi allows its members to heart its products (works similar to ‘Likes’ on Facebook) so you can finally identify the popular pieces.

As of the time this post was published, there’s a 50% off promotion for first time customers! If that ain’t a reason enough to buy…

Shipping information: No minimum purchase for free shipping to Singapore!

3. Romwe


If you like clothes that come with price tags that hardly make a dent on your wallet, you’ll like Romwe. The normal priced pieces are already cheap enough, but the daily flash sales slash the prices to temptation dollars — you can get easily items for less than US$10!

Romwe has got a tonne of stuff worth checking out, like bags with quirky prints and thick cotton dresses for under US$25. It even has make-up and nail care products.

And if you’re into fashion blogging, you can sign up to work with Romwe and get free products.

Shipping information: No minimum purchase for free shipping to Singapore!

4. Choies


Choies is so similar to Romwe, my initial thought was “They are under the same parent company!”. From the types of clothes, to the price range and flash sales, to the bloggers and lookbooks, it’s a wonder they both manage to successfully operate as separate brands for so long. (I am still under the assumption that they are one.)

Great for you, especially if you’re a Romwe fan! Another site to shop at, more clothes to buy!

Shipping information: No minimum purchase for free shipping to Singapore!

5. SheInside


Another shopping site that is similar in business model to Romwe and Choies, but features stuff from independent designers from around the world (read: clothing pieces designed by anyone who has a flair for fashion but haven’t established a platform to showcase talent).

SheInside is constantly on the lookout for designers, so see your designs come to life by sending them in! Not a designer? Vote for your favourite designs.

And this is exactly the reason why SheInside has such great clothes — the people who designed and curated the pieces are every day people like you and I. It doesn’t hurt that it’s really affordable too.

Shipping information: Ships to Singapore for free for orders over US$30. For orders under, be prepared to fork out an additional US$4.99.

Other sites worth mentioning:

6. Revolve Clothing

Shipping information: Free shipping for orders over US$100. Or else, pay an extra US$10.

7. MarketHQ

Shipping information: Free shipping for orders over A$150. Or else, pay an extra A$30.

8. Lulu’s

Shipping information: Free shipping for orders over US$150. Or else, pay an extra US$15.


Originally posted on Peregrinate With Me.


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