5 Games to Question Just How Much You Know About the World

So, you’ve got the travel bug, eh? An explorer with wanderlust that absolutely refuses to die, you spend every single second you can afford reading up and fantasising about destinations at far flung ends of the earth to explore.

The #1 item on your bucket list is to travel the world. Travel the entire world, to every nook and cranny in the globe, to parts no man has ever been before.

Yes, yes, you say, while nodding your head earnestly.

So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to name all the countries in the world. Or is it? Here are 5 games that will make you question just how much you know the world. (And don’t you dare Google anything!)

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5 of the Greatest International Shopping Sites (Because They Ship for Free!)

Ah, the itch to click “Add to Basket” can be so overpowering that I sometimes find myself spending money I didn’t have in the first place. (Note: I’m not advocating irresponsible spending!) All for the sake of convenience, really. Click, click, click, enter credit card number, sit back and wait for the postman to deliver your package right to your doorstep.

There are thousands of sites to purchase anything to everything from, but we’re not here to talk about that, are we? No, we’re here to talk about the mythical shopping sites you can get the chicest street fashion from without paying a single cent for shipping.

While they’re not particularly great if you’re impatient or need an item urgently, these sites offer the greatest shopping options for those on a budget or, if you’re like me, those with priorities elsewhere. Because they’re not only affordable, they offer free shipping right here to Singapore. (Insert “Gasp!” here.)

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